March 30, 2017

Social Space

Social technologies have the potential to unlock the initiative, creativity and passion that are needed to produce true innovations and enable companies to tackle the most difficult problems.


Using Social collaboration tools, organisation workforce engages and collaborates effectively with co-workers, management, business partners and customers. Social, Cloud and Mobile technologies (SoCoMo) are expanding the organization boundaries or perimeter as we call.

MESAWITE has a unique Enterprises social collaboration solution that streamlines communication, reduces cost & time, builds group connection and boosts productivity. MESAWITE leverages its user centered SOCIAL SPACE solutions to enable organizations to reap following benefits.


  • Increase in Organization Productivity: Rich and interactive experience increases the end-user productivity, on account of shortened time to accomplish a task. This leads to an overall increase in the organizational productivity and application adaptability amongst end-users.


  • Improved Collaboration: Through social activities including communities, document sharing, rating and gamification techniques. Navigating through mammoth of information on Intranet or Extranet is tedious and cumbersome task in itself. Add to that the complexity of identifying the context and relevance to individual needs. This leads to shrinkage in revisit potential and finally abandonment of the portals.


Compelling User Experiences by leveraging the power of Social Interaction. Features such as Collaboration Interactive Forums, Social Computing, Personalization and Customization, help corporations leverage the power of Web 2.0. Focused, contextual and relevant dissemination of news or information as per job roles or personal interests is a good example of Personalization.


Rich User Experience for SharePoint includes:

  • Contextual User Interface design and development
  • Effective Information Architecture
  • Enablement of “Ease of use” by leveraging Innovative web-parts
  • Interactive Business Intelligence dashboard solutions
  • Technology Strengths
  • Development of master pages, layout pages and CSS
  • Development of web-parts
  • Solution Architecture